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re: Jerry S on light and DNA

Jul 31, 1995 10:43 PM

I have to comment on part of Jerry's response to Keith. While I
agree fully that light can not transmit life, I believe light,
especially coherent light can transmit all the information that
is necessary to manifest life. While I agree that DNA is not
necessary to make life (after all, RNA works, too), I believe
that DNA and RNA, and perhaps some other complex, self
replicating molecules are ideally suited as mediators in the
creation of life. These chemicals have several features that
make them useful, mechanical stability, chemical stability,
wildly flexible tertiery structure, self reproducing capacity,
etc. I suspect that Jerry is correct when he states that the
mathematical diverse potential of DNA is so great that all the
possible combinations have not been tried in nature, but I do not
see that as a very strong argument, as it appears that the
combinations that work are in use. He quotes Mainzer as the
source of this idea, so this criticism is obviously directed at
Mainzer. As to the amount of information needed to create a
human brain, I could stretch my imagination to accept the
conclusion, had I not seen a number of human brains, both
functional, and non-functional, in my lifetime. Given the state
of knowledge of DNA and RNA, and without an alternative
hypothesis to test, I tend to accept the idea that DNA is capable
of creating the machine we know as the brain. Now, having said
that, I also believe there is something more, spirit, which is
necessary to add to the machine, before we have a total human.

The functioning human is obviously something greater than the sum
of its parts. HPB has already made that clear. Our physical
body and its components comprise only a part of the totality.

Returning to light for a moment, it is interesting to note that
DNA is responsive to light, with the capability to respond
diferently to differnt light frequencies. In its most dramatic
manifestation, UV light is well documented to cause skin cancers.
This is postulated to occur when the UV light causes breaks in
chromosomes which lead to uncontrolled cellular division. There
are some studies that seem to indicate that exposure to specific
frequencies of light at critical times in development may trigger
expression of some genes. Examination of the topic on the
physical plane alone belies the complexity of the subject,
however. We must remember that there is much more to life than
the physical plane.

Any comments?

Love and light. Fred

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