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missing thanks to others

Jul 30, 1995 01:42 PM
by John Mead

Hi -

I appreciate the thanks I've received, and hope to deserve them.

I would like to point out MY thanks to Eldon Tucker (and some
others probably) who helped to resurrect/construct a subscription
list from which to start things off to as close to "normal" as

Also, the online Library needs to be rebuilt.  Although I expect
Vnet to recover MOST of it (hopefully all), we should probably
start to gather things up on our own.  Hence send in (direct to ) items you want there.  Please mark the SUBJECT as
THEOS Library, or other, to make sure I don't miss it in my daily
mail (which consists of about 85 msg's per day of total JUNK --
which I quickly delete).

as an aside -- there were a few items sent to me which I had not
found time (or effort) to add before the Crash of '95.  Feel free
to resend in past items too.  Also send in New ones if you wish.
(any Astrologer's care to give a hind-sight analysis of the July

peace -

john mead

p.s.  I spent Sat.  morning resurrecting the Panther-Net list at
Vnet.  As it turned out, It was received well :-) BTW -- that was
the FIRST football game I've watched from start to finish since
1978.  I hope this is not a sign of premature senility.

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