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FAQ and directory

Jul 06, 1995 09:07 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

I copied this information from a posting on buddha-l and reworded
it a bit.  Since some people here are planning a FAQ and
directory, I thought it might be of interest.

"Once a file was written which was set within the system to be
distributed once a month.  The problem with that is the listserv
has a feature that enables it to compare each message quickly
with all previous files in the log.  If it detects a message that
is an exact replica of a previously distributed message, it
returns it to the sender with an error message.  One solution is
to write a slightly different message each month, perhaps one
with updates and changes, or to write one message and keep it on
file in the archives.  Yet another solution is to have an
extensive user's guide to theos-l that can be downloaded from the
theos-l store of files.  "

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