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Tereshchenko's Tarot

May 31, 1995 07:59 AM
by Sy Ginsburg

Hi Arthur Patterson and others,

Nick Tereshchenko (my house guest) wishes to reply to yours of 30
May, so here is Nick:

The shortest way to answer you is to refer you to the article of
Gary ROSS in the TAROT NETWORK NEWS dealing with the additional
Tarot Major Arcana proposed by me and others.  He very ably
compares them and deals with their similarities and differences.
Also some of the answer is to be found in my contribution to

For me the overall symbolism making up, and/or included in, the
design of each arcanum is more important than its
possible/potential "archetytpe", which is only a part of the
significance of any arcanum or representation, be it called
"Tarot" or by any other name, so long as it is a valid symbol or
an arrangement of valid symbols, and not a personal fantasy, as
some of the decks calling themselves "tarot" are.

See also Sy Ginsburg's E-Mail of 30 May to Jerry Schueler and
others interested.

Nick Tereshchenko

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