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Re: judy cilcain

May 23, 1995 05:57 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Judy A. Cilcain:

> curious when I saw your posting to theos-l regarding "reporting
> stuff for a Liberal Catholic newsletter." Would this be Ubique? I
> am deaconess at St.  Francis LCC in MN and have had a few things
> published in Ubique myself (other than the quarterly church
> reportings).  My last was a sermon wherein I stated my firm
> belief that the Holy Ghost is female.  Before that I did an
> article about the LCC deaconesses in this country.  What church
> are you affiliated with?

I've never submitted anything to Ubique.  I am the editor and a
contributor to Chicago's St.  Francis newsletter.  It comes out
three times a year, coinciding with Easter, Christmas and the
feast of the Assumption of Our Lady.

As a matter of fact, I've been thinking about the August issue
and been wondering where I might find material such as the type
you wrote or something pertaining to Our Lady.  I don't think
I've seen the articles you mentioned, but maybe you could tell me
what issues they were in.  If I don't have them, I can try to
find some back issues at church.  I will also send you a few
copies of our newsletter, so you can get an idea of what your
"sister" church is about.

As for the Holy Spirit being female, I've ALWAYS thought that was
a given!

- ann

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