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Re: Egypt

May 19, 1995 04:47 AM
by Astrea

> From: "Ann E. Bermingham" <>
> My husband bought another copy of the Smithsonian magazine and it
> will be winging its way to Astrea as soon as I can get to the
> post office.

Thanks very much, I appreciate that!

On the subject of ancient Egypt, I had one funny dream.  I was
reading a book which said the rule of the Pharoahs was flawed
because it failed to comply with the teachings of Christ.  There
was a diagram in the book of a triangle (the rule) within a
circle (the teachings) and one corner of the triangle fell
outside the circle, cutting it off and thus marring its
perfection.  Pretty wierd dream for a non-Xian, though I was
arguing about it in the dream, somehow it seemed true.


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