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to Murray S. & Nick P.

May 10, 1995 01:02 PM
by LieselFD

Dear Murray,

Thank you for the healing words you sent to Ann.  They were
healing for me too.

Dear Nick P.

The concept that was missing in my idea as to how one may deal
favorably with karma was that one needs the right intention ...
selflessness...  Love.  I know of very few people who can really
act selflessly.  One of them has the intitials HVG.

Then you also say "you can only receive back what you gave at the
level it was given".  Serge King teaches the same idea in terms
of vibes & resonance.  A person emits a certain set of vibes, and
because like vibes tend to resonate together, the vibes one most
easily tunes into from others are similar to one's own.


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