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Re: Re:Re: Karma

May 07, 1995 07:43 PM
by LieselFD

Well, if you don't have a good reason for wanting to know what
Karma is all about, then I suppose it doesn't really matter what
it is.  I found my reason for wanting to know about Karma in one
of Sri Ram's essays, in which he states that the object is to
become adept enough at maneuvering Karma so that the reaction you
create (action/reaction) doesn't hit you with a bang anymore, but
glances off without any effect at all.  That's supposed to be
part of Nirvana.  Agreed it's not an easy thing to know, because,
as you say, it exists at many levels, & with various numbers of
individuals involved and various dimensions involved, etc.  etc.
That's why it takes an adept.


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