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Theosophy and Politics

May 04, 1995 10:19 AM
by uscap9m9

I'm still behind in things I'd like to respond to, but thought
I'd comment on Theosophy and politics, since it's an important
topic in the news.  Consider these comments as an editorial on
the subject.

Theosophy and Politics -- Eldon Tucker

Theosophy is a religious philosophy, sometimes called the Wisdom
Tradition.  It is not simply an intellectual pursuit, important
as the mind is.  It is not based upon devotion or worship, nor
upon well-intentioned social work.  Theosophy is rather a study
of the highest form of understanding, a study that necessitates
the practice of unselfishness, and of spirituality in the
student's life.

We are not given specific morals and ethics, but rather taught
how to understand ethical thought, and to derive what is right
through an understanding of the nature of right and wrong.  There
is not a rigid adherence to some arbitrary set of rules, like the
Judaic ten commandments.  Rules are to help the laggards of
humanity, those who would fall behind the rest of us, without
some external assistance.  When we've developed our innate
saintliness, we can directly perceive what is right, without
having to refer to an external rulebook.

With regard to politics, we are taught to obey the law of the
land, to be faithful citizens of the nation which we call our
home.  We must act according to our conscience, but accept the
consequences, like Socrates did, in ancient days.

Theosophical groups promote an open forum for the study of the
Ancient Wisdom.  There are little requirements of members except
for an acceptance of universal brotherhood, and for respectful
tolerance of the views of others

(The freedom of belief, and the wide tolerance of differing
views, though, does not mean that Theosophy is anything that
anyone wants it to be.  There is a definite, well-defined
philosophy that can be studied.  It is possible, with some study,
to distinguish theosophical ideas from countless personal
speculations of untrained minds.  While it is true that behind
anyone and anything we see, there is a spark of the divine, it
would be incorrect to generalize this to say that behind any word
that someone may utter, there's a pearl of divine wisdom.)

Theosophical groups are not officially connected to any political
or religious organization.  There is no attempt to promote one
church over others, nor to promote one political party or agenda
over the rest.  Religious and political practices are left up to
individual conscience, and neither are considered important in
the long run.  Theosophy looks at the big picture.  Even 50,000
years hence, none of the current-day religions or political
systems will be around.  Theosophy deals with the timeless, with
parts of us that transcend the present-day world.

We find that in some religions that there are political
organizations.  The Catholics have had their Jesuits with a dark
history of meddling in politics, and the Moslems have extremist
groups promoting terrorism.  There have been many horrors
promoted in the name of organized religions, like, for instance,
the Crusades and the Inquisition.

Theosophy teaches self-responsibility.  We are taught to practice
unselfishness, to seek the betterment of humanity.  Being good
citizens, concerned for the welfare of our neighbors, and in a
general sense for our fellow inhabitants of planet earth, we can
never condone violence or oppression in any form.

The world is not bettered by political manipulation.  Passing
some law, devising new ways to regulate the lives of others, we
do not really change or better them.  People are not mindless
puppets, made to do whatever external influences tell them.  By
watching TV, for instance, someone is not "made" to do stupid,
awful things! And by passing a law to say that people smile at
others, we do not make them friendly.

How do we better things? We better things for others by giving
them the same freedoms that we want for ourselves.  We do not ban
or burn books, but encourage the free exchange of ideas.
Although we are left up to our own to decide what religion and
politics that we may practice, we are taught that there are
higher things than politics and organized religion.  We are
taught of a path of spiritual evolution, self-devised, lonely,
but infinitely rewarding, that leads to an inner wealth beyond
compare! Obtaining and sharing that wealth is the highest good!

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