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The ML

Feb 27, 1995 01:11 PM
by uscap9m9

-- Eldon Tucker

Regarding Paul Gillingwater's suggesting that we study "The
Mahatma Letters", I'd agree that it's a good idea. It's a
basic text that is accepted in principle by all the various
theosophical groups, and full of good material to ponder.

The material is given special status because of a general
agreement among the groups--though not by all their members!--
that they were the direct writings of Mahatmas. The pheonomenal
way in which they were produced adds nothing to their value.

We don't need an electronic text to study them, just an
agreement to look at and comment on portions of the book
at the same time. A good approach is chronological, following
the order of Vic's new edition of the book. For those of us
with older editions, we can still follow along. Just say
we're reading letter X, Y, Z, this week, regardless of the
pages they follow on...

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