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Re: Identity Crises

Feb 26, 1995 10:00 PM
by LieselFD

Dear Keith,

Liesel is a German womans' name.

I was in the Boy Scouts because I have 2 sons.  I was Assistant
District Commisioner, in charge of Cub Scout Round Tables.  No
identity crisis.  Alan Bain was kidding around, so I did too.

Re the "Mahatma Letters"

I'm not for fooling around with all the folderol about
precipitating letters & tea cups.  Phenomena aren't the basis of
Theosophy.  What I have in mind, & I'm sure Paul Gillingwater, &
Murray do too, is to take the important letters which teach
Theosophy - Buddhism.  We'd have to pick & choose, but there's a
lot to be learned, if you look at the right letters.


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