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Re: Re: Kabbalah Study

Feb 26, 1995 04:31 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Having given the matter some thought, I will post the chapter(s)
of my "Keys to Kabbalah" to John Mead for the Archive as and when
seems appropriate.  Chapter One has already been sent, and John
will certainly place it there.

I don't really see it as material to post to any specific list,
as too many people might receive it who have no interest at all
in such an approach.

The original idea was for study coure(s) by *e-mail* not by list
postings.  I have already sent material to two people this way,
and will do likewise for anyone who e-mails me personally (see
sig) for the same.

What anyone makes of what they receive is up to them.  If they
wish to pursue it further, I will respond by e-mail to e-mail
received.  This will, if it takes off, then work like any other
correspondence course, but won't cost so much :-).

Students (or other co-workers) will get replies appropriate to
individual needs and/or interests.  Anyone who wants to sample
the offering(s) without feeling obliged to commit themselves to
study can go the archive for it.  There are a couple of WWW pages
with Theosophical material in their directories, into which the
material could also go, but I do not have the URL's to hand, and
they are not my pages!

I am suggesting this approach for several reasons:

1. I am not looking for proselytes or "followers" [yuk].

2. I want to help only those who find this particular path of
value without boring those who do not.

3. I do not want to get into debates and/or arguments over the
small print - done it, read and wrote the book, got the T-shirt,
etc., etc.  Kabbalah is about Life, not theories.

So - if you are interested, go to the archive or e-mail me


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