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Re: Hierarchies

Feb 26, 1995 04:29 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <v01510101ab766d1b0250@[]> writes:
> >Hierarchies bother me.

> Liesel,
> That is so true, the obsessive spiritual checking that we do only
> proves that we are not as advanced as we thought.  I see
> Hieracrchy as an immature and egocentric point of view.  I am
> sure that the more advanced being becomes the less time you have
> for grading yourself spiritually.  In the best of the traditions
> that I have studied, there was always a push toward
> "self-transcendance" I like to call it ego transcendance.  Part
> of trying to figure out where we are on the path is our
> insecurity the feeling that we are not accepted whatever
> condition we are in.  We are so judgemental that we need to be at
> some place before we can self affirm our little existence.  It is
> like the Christian who never thinks he or she is "saved" and
> needs to be born again.  It is the same in Judaism with those who
> are under the burden of the Torah, or in Buddhist thinking there
> are those who become spiritual technicians to move beyond
> themselves to acheive greater heights of enlightenment.  In all
> the traditions it is compassion, love, acceptance and the joy of
> discovery and the passion of life that is emphaized.

Amen, Amen, Amen.

Thanks for a breath of common sense!  And carry on getting better
- I hope to read more posting of yours!


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