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To: Sy Ginsburg

Feb 23, 1995 09:14 PM
by LieselFD

Hi, Sy

A few days have gone by since your post re "Myth of The Masters".
My e-mail reception has gone kerflooie, & I had to ask John Mead
first how to retrieve your post again.  I'd lost it, ie my
machine just jammed.  Anyway, one of the things you wanted to
know from people is how they got to the "The Path".  My story
isn't really miraculous.  I didn't get hit in the head with a
book, I got books handed ot me.  I'd met Bill Nicholson, who was
a Theosophist.  At age 48, I hadn't found too much comfort from
any religion I'd had contact with, but I was looking.  Bill gave
me some books to read re Buddhism, because we thought that might
interest me.  What I noticed was that all the books he lent me
were from the Theosophical Publishing House.  So I started to
inquire as to what that was, & that's how I got into Theosophy.
My 1st book was AB's "The Ancient Wisdom".  I don't think I
really remember a thing anymore of what that book contains.  The
2d book I tackled was "The Mahatma Letter..." & I doub t that I
understood too much of that either.  But it fascinated me & I
guess something stuck & I went on, & finally found a religion I
could believe in, & live by...  even if everyone else says
Theosophy is a religious philosophy.

Incidentally, you have a Jewish name, so it might interest you to
know that back in the 1920ies Jewish Theosophists had a
convention.  Goodness knows what I did with the pamphlet I had
describing it.

I too have had the feeling at various times that I was being
guided by something in the right direction.  I used to think of
it as my guardian angel, my deva, but having been to a Serge King
workshop, maybe it's my Ku, my unconscious, that's guiding me.
Doesn't really matter, whether it's inside or outside, it's
whatever one perceives it to be.

Also, at times I've asked my teacher Harry, questions by mail.
Very often the day after I mail the letter to him, I'll somehow,
without thinking go to a Leadbeater book on my shelf (Harry was a
CWL pupil) & find an answer.  Goodness knows how that happens.
Serge would say again it's your Ku.  However it works, it works
for me in both cases.

As I said a few days ago in a post ...  I believe in the Masters,
because I've seen several top notch shamans at work, & so have
some experience with perceiving how realms other than the purely
physical can work.  I'm glad they gave HPB the wherewithall to
found the TS.  But I'm one who's not terribly devoted to the
Masters, & I don't perceive of myself as working for them, but
rather for suffering humanity, which I try to help along whenever
I can, whenever some one or the other human being comes across my
way.  Happens frequently, because I live in a Sr.  Citizen's Apt.
Complex & everyone in here has their large or small complaints.

Be well,


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