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Re: NYTBR 2/26

Feb 23, 1995 12:52 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Thanks, Astrea, it is a marvellous time for me, with NYTBR
coming right on the heels of Joy Mills's wonderful (IMO) review
in the Quest.  Maybe Gnosis is about to come through with one

Alas, Peter Washington's funny, entertaining, but poorly
researched book is getting the lion's share of publicity.
Having a commercial press book out there that's anti-HPB
(although not nastily so) is probably good for sales of my
pro-HPB (whether or not all her admirers welcome it as such)
academically published one.  SUNY just told me they had ordered
a second printing before the reviews came out, and added a
third one just in case sales really jump.

Theosophy's public attention is mostly due to the Washington
book, but mine is definitely a contributing factor and I hope a
counterbalancing one.

Looking forward to discussing with y'all the pros and cons of the
public attention Theosophy is getting/will be getting over these

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