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TS correspondence courses on the Internet

Feb 22, 1995 03:46 AM
by Dewey Val Schorre

> Are you interested? I don't know that there is a lot we could do.

Yes, having TS correspondences on the Internet is a great idea.  Having
taken correspondence courses, I know that after completing a lesson the
student is very enthusiastic and anxious to know what the teacher
thinks about his answers and often has questions that he wishes the
teacher to answer.

Usually, the student must wait for several weeks for reply by s-mail.
In the mean time, he goes on to another subject of the next lesson and
by time he gets the reply his enthusiasm will have diminished.

> Any ideas?

If everything could be done by e-mail, it would be a lot simpler for
most people.  Those with CompuServ and America on line and several
other services can send and receive messages by e-mail.  Some have
trouble with getting files by FTP and reading news groups.

Students who are already using e-mail will like the idea.  Seems that
the problem may be in training the teacher on using e-mail.  They will
need to check their mail daily and reply right away for this system to
be superior to s-mail.

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