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Re Tarot

Feb 17, 1995 08:14 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Paul.  I just saw that your book is now in the Adyar library.

Re Tarot.  Actually, I confess that I do have the Voyager Tarot
deck.  It was given to my my James Wanless who designed it.  In
turn, I gave him a copy of my Enochian Tarot deck.  Very nice
guy.  He also autographed a copy of his New Age Tarot for me.
Its probably the best book around to explain the Crowley deck.  I
guess I also have to confesss that I have never used the Voyager
deck.  I look at it sometimes (its beautiful) but I have not
actually used it.  Most of the pictures are rather busy, and I
think you would have to 'get to know it' before you could use it
very well.  It took me a long time just to get to know my own
deck (I designed it, but an outside artist rendered my designs,
and I had to get to know her 'feel' of them).  I confess, I
haven't used it either for awhile.  My all time favorite deck is
Crowley's Thoth deck.  It is pretty busy too, but I have already
gotten to know it fairly well.  I used to use Tarot for
predictions, but nowadays Its just for meditation.  Now computer
Tarot is another story.  I use my own computer Windows Tarot a
lot (I recieved authority from US Games to use their Thoth deck
pictures in color in my program) which is now shareware - $20 for
those interested.  An earlier black & white version is on
Compuserve in the New Age library.  As you may guess, I like

               Jerry S.

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