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Entropy, Evolution and Evil

Feb 12, 1995 10:34 PM
by Keith Price

There has been a lot of talk back and forth about communtication
theory, noise, channels by Murray S.  and Eldon and others.  I've
picked this idea up and put it back down so many times, mainly
because I'm not a scientist or engineer, just humanitites mainly
so they "esoteric" math leaves me unilluminated.

But I'm open because in our lifetime we have an abundance of
paradigms, perhaps and over-abundance.  One year it's entropy,
the next holograms, the next fractals and the next subatomic
physics and with no end in sight.  So little time, so much to

Some look with amusement, I'm sure, at dilletantes picking up
these ideas and seeing (projecting?) spiritual ideas in them.
Yet they add to the richness of the dialogue.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but entropy doesn't have so much to do
with a measure of heat loss, or even with a measure of orderdness
in an open system, but with a meaure of our INFORMATION about
heat loss, orderness, signal clarity.  In other words we are not
measuring "real" events but our knowledge of them.  The entropy
is not a measure of heat flow, but a measure of our knowledge and
the entropy of our information or disinformation.  Don't snicker
too loudly.  This is my current understanding, and I'm no

So we get back to the the fact that consciousness is looking at
itself trying to look at "real" events in the objective world,
but really trapped in its own subjectivity.  Cogito ergo sum,
n'est pas?

So we get thrown back into phenomenology that all we can know and
describe is our subjective phenomenon and if they correlate with
observations over time and the observations of other conscious
beings like ourselves.

So entropy may be a construct of our own minds.  It is the only
way we can perceive time and energy flow, but may not be what is
actually occuring in any "real" way by someone with a higher more
evolved Masterful consciousness.  So its all maya, but a maya we
are stuck with because at this stage of evolution, it's the best
we can do with our limited minds.

So evil is not real, it is only a limitation of our consciousness
at our particular stage of evolution.

Bishop Berkely, I believe, said: "I refute it thus" (as he
stubbed his foot on a stone).

Yeah, it's all maya, but I'm still driving on the right side of
the road (not recomended to AB and others in other coutries,
other realities).  Which leads us to the question of how much of
our "reality" is consensual? In the Kali Yuga of 1995 America,
well, the mind reels (reals?).


Keith Price

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