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Re: Objects?

Feb 11, 1995 10:47 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <> writes:
> According to Dr. A.M.Bain:
> >
> > TS in Cyberspace:  Objects?
> >
> > 1.  To form a nucleus of a universal human family, without
> > discrimination with regard to sex, creed, class, or color.

> What about species?  Do Jerry and Liesel's cats count if they
> are sitting on their owners' laps while they post?

"A universal family of being?"  Of course Liesel's cats count!

> > 2.  To encourage and engage in the study of comparative
> > religion, theosophy, philosophy and the scientific method.
> "Comparative religion" is outmoded.  Make it the comparative
> study of religion....

> Why scientific method rather than science per se?  Aren't we
> supposed to be comparing substantive findings, not just
> epistemological principles?

Define "Science" . . .

> > 3.  To investigate unexplained laws of nature and
> > unrealized human potential.

> Fine start. (To be continued ...)

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