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Re: Objects?

Feb 11, 1995 06:03 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Dr. A.M.Bain:
> TS in Cyberspace:  Objects?
> 1.  To form a nucleus of a universal human family, without
> discrimination with regard to sex, creed, class, or color.
What about species?  Do Jerry and Liesel's cats count if they
are sitting on their owners' laps while they post?
> 2.  To encourage and engage in the study of comparative
> religion, theosophy, philosophy and the scientific method.
"Comparative religion" is outmoded.  Make it the comparative
study of religion....

Why scientific method rather than science per se?  Aren't we
supposed to be comparing substantive findings, not just
epistemological principles?

> 3.  To investigate unexplained laws of nature and unrealized
> human potential.
> (Some working ideas prompted by a suggestion by John Mead,
> following others suggested by J. Crocker and given, in part, the
> *Imprematur* of Liesel Deutsch.  :-).
> Start feedback now . . .

Fine start.


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