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Re: Eight Various Comments

Feb 10, 1995 12:50 PM
by Arthur Paul Patterson

Referring to the viability of the Cyber-Lodge,

John Mead writes:
>well...  I thought it already existed??  :-)
>membership by subscription (open to any seeker), no dues either!

This is a very good point, John, the Theosophical Movement or
whatever name you wish to utilize is a an actuality beyond the
concepts of membership.  Even though and infant TS'r in the
formal sense I don't think I have lived outside the grace of the
Perrenial Wisdom when I held to different ideologies.  Wisdom is
not ideological or even organization.  I see organizations as
merely as servants of Wisdom.  When they accrue to themselves the
status of revelatory agents it is time to renew them or leave.
So here we are in Cyber-Space basking in Wisdom, what a wonderful
place to be in my estimate.  Thanks John for bring this fact to
our attention.  Count me in as always.


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