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cyberspace study-group/Lodge

Feb 10, 1995 12:17 PM
by John Mead

We have already applied to TSA (quite awhile ago) for recognized
status.  (as a lodge for members-at-large etc.)

unfortunately the current "laws" need to be revised (By-Laws).  I
forget the details, something to do with lodge affiliation,
districts, multiple lodge memberships etc.

It was suggested by John Algeo that we instead consider it a
"Camp" like Pumpkin Hollow, Stil-Light etc.

in general --- not being affiliated with any organization, may
actually be a "prefferred" state.

hence we have not pursued this since the original formation

The initial reason I liked the concept of recognized status, is
it allows the group to do things otherwise not permitted (like by
Quest books at a discount etc.).  After considering it further,
it felt that these things are already provided by the current

being somewhat of a Libertarian by nature, I think it is best to
keep it totally unaffiliated, allowing total freedom of speech,
action etc.  perhaps I've seen to much "politics" in
organizations.  ??

what more is needed than the three Objects, anyway?? :-)

peace -

john mead

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