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Re: Eight Various Comments

Feb 09, 1995 07:08 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

*Please* don't let us be a "Lodge" - I couldn't bear it.

Although I see a number of things in a similar way to Eldon, I
have serious reservations (for example) about the doctrine of
re-incarnation as usually presented, and it is by no means an
obvious assumption as far as I am concerned.  I would not teach
it as a *fact* to my children - in fact I didn't!  Also, while I
will agree that the three TS objects are dated (*brother*-hood
<g>) I do not see that this necessarily invalidates or diminishes
what I have said on theos-l regarding same.

Eldon and others make frequent reference to "standard" SD-style
theosophical terms, many of which are not in my vocabulary at
all, though some are.  My own discipline of nearly 40 years has
been Kabbalah, which has its own set of unintelligible terms [to
most people] :-)

Kabbalah, however, is theosophy, but in a different box, of a
different color, if you like, and sees many things from an
entirely different perspective.  Kabbalah is a pragmatic
theosophy, addressing matters that concern us in our everyday
lives, but with a view to their destination, ie, the transition
to another life.  Whether that life is back here or on another
plane, level, world or whatever, is very much a matter of
individual opinion and interpretation of the evidence.

THe second and third objects of the TS are about getting the
evidence - I cannot see how that has changed in principle, even
if the methods may have changed.

And, when it comes to assigning gender *in any capacity* to the
Eternal Unity of Being of which we all partake - let's get real:
this thing is bigger than all of us!

PS.  I love you all.

PPS. Hi, Liesel.
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