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To Jerry Schueler; re chaos

Feb 09, 1995 09:20 AM
by euser

To Jerry Schueler:

>Does Sanskrit has an accepted Gematria?

  Not that I know. Although I wouldn't be surprised
  if it had (among the initiates of old?)

> Chaos theory - sensitivity to initial conditions-
  relation to astrology?

  I don't know much about astrology. This sensitivity
  to initial conditions - is this connected to the
  'butterfly-effect'? It reminds me of the theosophical
   idea that even one man can have an enormous impact
   on world-consciousness..

>How does chaos fit into your sacred geometry?

   Well, sacred geometry allows for variations
   within certain schemes and proportions.
   Ralston Skinner shows this in 'Source of Measures'.

   If we say that the elements have certain degrees
   of freedom within some bounds, then we have chaos
   + order. Statistical analysis probably confirms this.
   Another interesting point of view is that this apparent
   chaos could well hide certain patterns, like the swarming
   of ants and bees.

> Different universe models..

  Well, yes. I actually meant to say that I recall reading
  in Isis Unveiled that the Tree of life is about forces
  and principles and states of consciousness within man
  himself. The same obviously applies to the GV-model.
  (and the Egg-scheme of GdP). Macro=Micro or maybe
  a nice expression: micro is a cycle (compound of cycles)
  within macro (greater cycles). Speaking about recursion..

Martin Euser

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