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Dream interpretation

Feb 06, 1995 05:47 PM
by Lewis Lucas


    Do I understand you correctly, that one should not interpret
    ones dreams using your own symbolism? That is what I
    extrapolated, not what you said, but it is an interest of
    mine.  What I had thought I had gleaned from Blavatsky was my
    current idea that the elements of our dreams have diffenet
    meanings for each of us.

    For instance, when I began my inquiry into Theosophy I was
    reading many books on the subject.  My mother called to say
    she had a dream in which I had snakes coming out of my head.
    It was very upsetting to her and she was concerned about me.
    I interrpreted the snakes as the ancient symbol of wisdom,
    which I had read about in theosophy.

    As I wrote my example it occurred to me that we had
    "conferred" with each other, so the example would validate
    your point and not the one I was making.  Perhaps you can
    straighten me out!

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