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Has anyone read this book?

Feb 06, 1995 10:10 AM
by bill

Hi all,

        Just a quick question for some of you more well-read
        theoso- phists out there.

        I was recently doing business in Seattle, WA and had an
        oppor- tunity to visit a Barnes & Nobel bookstore while
        there.  As is my habit when visiting a book store, I
        looked through the "Comput- ers" and "New-age" sections.
        In this latter section I found a book that caught my eye.
        It appeared to be recently released and was entitled
        something like: _Madame_Blavatsky's_Baboon_

        Has anybody read this? I didn't have enough money with me
        to pick it up myself but I sat down and read the first
        few pages and scanned a little more.  The publisher's
        text on the cover of the book seemed to indicate that the
        book was the result of research aimed at discrediting any
        and all religions that had been esta- blished outside of
        mainstream christianity over the last one hun- dred years
        or so.  But I saw little if any of this in the first few
        pages.  Does anyone know anymore about this book?

        Just curious.  Never thirst ...

    ...who thinks that every solution breeds new problems.
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