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Re: Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Feb 01, 1995 08:40 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

To Ken O'Neill--

Welcome aboard theos-l.  I can tell already that you have vast
reserves of information to share, and it's enlightening stuff.
There are questions I have been saving up for someone with a
background in Buddhist history and literature, but I don't want
to inundate you.

For starters, I'd like to know what your thoughts are on the
sources of Voice of the Silence and the Stanzas of Dzyan.  FYI my
own tentative suggestion (especially re the former) is that
Olcott's friends Sarat Chandra Das and Ugyen Gyatso returned from
Shigatse in 1882 with over 200 Tibetan manuscripts; references in
HPB's writings suggest that she was in correspondence with their
main contact there, the Sengchen Tulku who was in charge of the
library at Tashilhunpo; other references suggest that some of her
sources came from that library.  Therefore, the Voice may well be
in that category.

Your thoughts inspired by these texts would interest us all, I

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