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Re: Random thoughts on a few thoughts & Kaballa

Jan 31, 1995 02:31 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Dear Keith--

I'm an INTJ (Introverted thinker with intuition as the
secondary function) just like you.  You're probably right that
this is a very common configuration among Theosophists.  Also
that it has something to do with our lack of mass appeal.

At Wheaton last summer there was an irate woman from that area
who claimed that the HQ staff were cold and unfriendly to
people who come in from the community.  Having always found the
Olcott folks to be congenial, this struck me as odd.  But I did
suggest that Theosophists are by and large introverted
thinkers, and perhaps wait for others to approach us rather
than reaching out.  Everyone in the circle nodded in agreement.

More theory tomorrow on what we can do about it.


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