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Re: Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Jan 30, 1995 08:46 AM
by Michael W. Grenier

> > I am reading a book, "The Chela and the Path," written by
> > Elizabeth Prophet, as dictated to her by Ascended Master, EL
> > Morya.  This book claims that El Morya Khan was instrumental in
> > founding the Theosophical Society along with his friend Master
> > Koot Hoomi Lal Singh.  Is this True?
> No, she and her channeled entities are not part of the
> Theosophical movement founded by H.P.  Blavatsky and her Gurus.
> Although the names of the two entities she channels are similar
> to the ones used by HPB's gurus in the 19th century, the purple
> prose and gush they utter, through her, are nothing like the tone
> or content of the real Adepts.  Read THE MAHATMA LETTERS TO A.P.
> SINNETT for an idea of what Theosophy is really like.

Though Elizabeth Prophet thinks they are the same masters.  I
heard her quote from the Mahatma Letters in her lectures.

   -Mike Grenier
Michael W. Grenier
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