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Library forms and a request

Jan 29, 1995 03:18 PM
by Keith Price

Dear Elizabeth Trumpler:

I haven't received anything as regards ordering library
materials.  If they are in the mail, please disregard this second

Could you please see if you have "Spirituality and Art" in your
library? I think it is by Kandinsky.

Do you know if Nicholas Roerich (k?) (unsure of spelling) wrote
anything in regard to theosophy or about painting.  I know he
wrote a travel journal.

Could you give me the internet address to Headquaters, I assume
this in the library and other e-mail should be routed elsewhere.

I am told that Wheaton has an exhibit of TS artists.  Could you
send me informaiton you have on this exhibit and the artists.

I know you are very busy and thanks for all your help.


Keith Price

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