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NEW LIST: ANDERE-L - Religious Studies Theories, Methods,

Jan 27, 1995 12:22 PM
by William Allen

>From:           Shawn Landres <>
>Subject: NEW LIST: ANDERE-L - Religious Studies Theories,
>Methods, Approaches

   The official listserv of the Department of Religious Studies
   at the University of California, Santa Barbara, ANDERE-L
   serves as a forum for discussion of theories, methods, and
   approaches to the study of religion, including (but not
   limited to) history of religions, sociology of religion, and
   interdisciplinary methods.

   To subscribe, send the following command in the BODY of mail

      SUB ANDERE-L yourfirstname yourlastname, your institution

   Subscription is not automatic.  Membership is by application
   only, and generally limited to professors, graduate students,
   advanced undergraduates, and qualified independent scholars.

   Owner: J.  Shawn Landres

   DISCLAIMER: NEW-LIST announcements are edited from information
   provided by the original submitter.  We do NOT verify the
   technical accuracy nor any claims made in the announcements
   nor do we necessarily agree with them.  We do not warranty or
   guarantee any services which might be announced - use at your
   own risk.  For more information send e-mail to
   LISTSERV@VM1.NoDak.EDU with the command GET NEW-LIST README in
   the body.  mgh

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