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Briefly, briefly

Jan 26, 1995 11:27 PM
by Keith Price

Words said in haste are regretted at leisure.  I was impatient so
I tried to pick a fight, perhaps badly or get defensive or

However I hear a lot of us saying the same thing.  We all have a
shadow, and we (I) better watch which way it is cast.  The TS has
a shadow as does every organization and entity and the only way
to deal with it is to bring it to the light of consciousness not
to hide it under revisionist history sometimes called political
corretness.  There are several Jungians or those familiar with
Jung I should say that keep bringing this up, too.

I think terms like racist, sexist, neo-Nazi, b*tch, elitist are
so easy to throw around and really have lost their meaning from
overuse.  Hillary is a b*tch.  What does that really mean?
Doesn't it say more about Mrs.  Gingrich than Hillary.  The TS's
and my comments might be construed as racist by someone ready to
jump on just about anything.

However I assure you that if I were really a racist, I would not
last five minutes in my job.  I teach a variety of minorities and
they would sense any animonstity.  I love my students (not
paternalistically), but as equals.  I teach adults and I treat
them that way, and they love and respect me for trying to help

If the TS where racist, sexist, "elitist" in the worst sense then
it would hardly be worldwide.

What is the difference between believing in a heirarchy and being
"elitist"? Theosophy talks about universal brotherhood, but
preaches that some beings are very advanced and some are lagging
far behind.  Yes in the end we will all get Nirvana, by and by
like pie in the sky, but until then ...  And Mark the most
watched event this Sunday will not be your local Mozart concert,
but the Super Bowl, I beg to disagree that popculture doesn't far
exceed self-evident great works in the national and global
consciousness.  I could be wrong.

TO Daniel: Thanks for the introduction to semiotics.  I think
semiotics, Jungian thought and a few other things are pointing to
a conclusion about art and theosophy.  A small clue, what is the
difference between a symbol in art and a symbol in the divine
wisdom? The answer is barely in the shadows and many can see the
outlines.  I'm saving it, but it may be old news too many.

This wasn't really brief, was it?


Keith Price

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