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Re: Synthesis of S,P,R & ART

Jan 26, 1995 05:29 PM
by DanielArt

Keith and others,

Semiotics is the name of an area of study regarding signs, their
meanings and interconnections in communications.  It's founding
father was a Frenchman, named Peirce (pronounced Purse).  When I
began its study fifteen years ago, it was focused primarily on
linguistics and research.  My interest was and is more Jungian,
with a focus on the visual symbols of ancient religions,
astrology, mysticism, etc.  My belief is simply that they are
messages that transcend all language barriers.  And those visual
messages have been hidden or misinterpreted for thousands of
years through one simple bureaucratic device: the removal of the
Arts from Education.

One example of the lost meaning is in the famous drawing by
Leonardo of the "Cosmic Man" standing in two positions, arms
outstretched, circumscribed by a square and a circle.  Many
things have been said about its symbology, but it simply relates
human proportions to "Squaring the Circle" or conversely,
"Circling the Square".  The circumference of the circle in the
drawing equals the perimeter of the square.

This is accomplished by drawing a square with a side of 22 and a
circle with a radius of 14.  This is also the ratio of the base
of the Great Pyramid to its height.  Divide the base in half and
you create a triangle with a ratio of 11:14:17.8, which makes the
hypotenuse the same ratio to the height (17.8/14) as the height
is to half the base (14/11=17.8/14).  If you continue creating
triangles in this ratio you have a spiral based on the square
root of Phi, which only exists in the cellular structure of
things that live, and manifests itself in the way a pentagram
bisects its own sides (a/b=b/c).

 The Secrets of ARZ

 There was once a logic to language.
 Verbs were sounds that moved, flowed,
 connected other sounds...

 "ARZ" - The act of bringing together.

 Some body began stopping the flow,
 freezing the stream, chopping, cutting,
 hanging bits and pieces on walls,
 putting blobs on pedestals,
 selling them. AAAARRT.

 "ART" - That which has been brought together.

 When the great monetary value of the dead chunks
 of Art was realized, it made good business sense
 to keep the production secrets for their trade.

 So the knowledge of the flow, and the killing of it,
 was removed from the schools and hidden from the
 teachers and the children. For the flow of Arz was
 the living Spirit in them, and the dead chunks of Art,
 that were bought and sold, were themselves.

 Daniel Hampson

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