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Re: occult reich

Jan 26, 1995 03:47 PM
by euser

Hi William,

Due to limited resources I didn't check out about the two books.
It may be easier for the Olcott Library to track these books

As to formulating the question "does it or does it not implicate
HPB and Theosophy in Hitler's doings", that sounds OK to me.  In
other words: is Theosophy (the teachings of HPB and others)
inherently racist?

On what grounds has there been suggested to exist a link between
Theosophy, HPB and nazist/racist ideas? A careful analysis is
required in order to deal with this question properly.  Theosophy
has been abused by chaps like Chamberlain, twisting the meaning
of certain passages in the SD.

It will not be that easy to show abuse of HPB's writings, as
antisemitic feelings can be easily construed from certain
passages (see for example: SD II,p.470, p.  471) These are
typically 'political incorrect' statements, viewed from today's
point of view, regardless of any inherent truth.

Daniel, could you analyze the tape you mentioned, and give us
some details about it?

Thanks in advance,

Martin Euser

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