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Re: TO Paul, Mark, Alan...

Jan 26, 1995 01:52 PM

Keith writes:
I would like to know first of all how you do this quoting line by
line thing.  Do you print out the messages and retype them line
by line or do you have two dialouge boxes or a photographic

I simply cut and paste from Windows.
Mark and Allan should get together and talk! Mark says all art
should be ona higher vibration

Never said it.  I wrote:

A better approach is to try defining great art.  And what is the
difference between merely good art and truly great art.

I suspect great art is objectively, vibrationally evident
regardless of a person's taste or point of view.  Mozart is
objectively great, as is Monet, Shakespeare, and Michelangelo.

To think otherwise, I suspect, is to not be open to the high
vibratory rate of those works.

My point simply involves *definition*.  If everything is *art*,
then perhaps, for the sake of an interesting discussion, we could
attempt to define *great art*, and to go further by trying to
distinguish between *good art* and *great art*.

Then I threw in a possible definition and a possible distinction
to get the ball rolling.

Mark says all art should be on a higher vibration, but how many
people are on this "higher vibration".  Very few.

One does not need to be *on* a higher vibration to be uplifted by
higher vibratory art.

Do you think the masses would choose Mozart or Madonna (or George
Strait, for that matter)? The proof is in the cash register.

You slip up here, Keith.  Whose written literary works still
outsell others in the English language? Shakespeare.  Whose art
is most reproduced and sold to the masses? Monet.  Whose music is
still the most recorded? Mozart.

Great art endures AND is popular with the masses.

Mark seems to suggest we all become purer, higher more noble.
Yes, Alan I think only a small minority or nucleus of mankind
choose to take a higher path.  Most of us mess around in the
middle gound, including myself).  And many, far too, man wallow
in the mud, if this sounds elitist (oh heinous crime!, so be it).

A small minority may CHOOSE to take a higher path, but many more
unconsciously LIVE a higher path in the pursuit of love, life,
and great art.

Beethoven uplifted much of mankind with his music.  Many of those
uplifted would not know the TS from the freemasons from the
Jehovahs Witnesses.

Love and life

Mark Alexander


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