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Re: Pornography is spiritual

Jan 25, 1995 05:24 PM

Keith writes:

> 1) All art is creative intelligence manifesting itself in time in
> form.
> 2) All art is spiritual
> 3) All art presupposes consciousness relating to consciousness
> (or itself).  Art relates or uncovers that which is occult,
> hidden, unknowable - the consciousness of another or one'self.
> 4) All art is transformative on a least one level: physical,
> emotional, social, conceptual, intuitive or unitive.
> 5) The goal of art depends on the artist, the highest art
> transforms on the highest level and the lowest art transforms on
> the lowest level.  This principle aplies to any level in between
> or any combination of levels.
> 6) The universe itself is a work of art as process with a plan
> and a purpose and is in a long process of "artfull" progress
> through conscious (skillful and yes, slyly clever) evolution.
> 7) Man is a work of art in microcosm form reflecting the
> macrocosm.

A term that can mean anything means nothing.

A better approach is to try defining great art.  And what is the
difference between merely good art and truly great art.

I suspect great art is objectively, vibrationally evident
regardless of a person's taste or point of view.  Mozart is
objectively great, as is Monet, Shakespeare, and Michelangelo.

To think otherwise, I suspect, is to not be open to the high
vibratory rate of those works.

Mark Alexander

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