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Re: replies to AB and MS

Jan 25, 1995 08:01 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain


I read with interest your long and useful comments on my and
[mostly] Murray's postings.  Indeed, HPB was well aware of
Kabbalah, and makes reference to it with some frequency in the
SD.  In another posting, I make reference to the cry of Jesus
from the cross in the Aramaic version of the NT.  HPB had this
one addressed as well, without, it seems, knowledge of the
Aramaic text.  Via a hebrew scholar [she names him, but I don't
have the ref.  to hand] she figured out that "Why hast thou
forsaken me could *not* be a correct rendering of the
transliterated Hebrew to Greek saying in the NT.  In consequence
it is rendered in the SD as "...  how thou dost glorify me."

On the chart of the TS and its continuing "power problems" I have
recently had to report to some members of a new study group that
their own Lodge will not allow them to meet on its premises, and
I quote:

".  .  .  we find ourselves in the absurd situation of being an
avowedly theosophical group which has been rejected by the
committee of a Lodge of the TS in England to which nine of our
founder members actually belong."

Not much changes  :-(

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