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Re: Psychic Research, Trust and Sex

Jan 24, 1995 02:52 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Murray has pointed out in this connection that judging CWL is -
shal we say - unwise.  I think the issue here is not a question
of judging anyone particularly, and CWL will have gone to his own
karma [we might say] in this respect.

What is important is the reliability of historical fact, and the
right to question the motivatin of *those living* who seek to
supress or hide it.  CWL was, I am sure, like the rst of us,
someone who had his strengths and weaknesses, as Murray points
out, and some of his strengths have surely benefited us all.

I agree [is such a positive statement allowed?] that we need to
keep all these matters in proportion - and in context.


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