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Re: Tell me about your first ...

Jan 23, 1995 07:53 PM
by LieselFD

A few comments back:

I agree with everything Jocelyn Elders advocated.

The insight-in-a-flash you got from the snake swallowing its
tail, I got one day when I was thinking about how it could be
that I had the potential of communicating with the whole manifest
universe, which is what I'd just been told.  I recalled how the
SD pictures our being created starting with the at first nebulous
stuff floating around the universe, and being formed more & more
by the things that were there evolving with us, & which we helped
form as well.  (We were always part of the ecology.) From those
sources around us, I thought, we now have mineral, vegetable &
animal components in our bodies.  So various components in us
have the same vibes as other materials of the universe.  So
there's resonance between us & the rest of the stuff in the
universe.  So we're physically connected to everything in
creation.  (I didn't get to any higher planes).

I am of the opinion that Bing Escudero got the shaft.  And I
didn't think Dorothy was a very effective President.  As a matter
of fact, I demitted to Canada in protest for the duration of her
presidency.  But by now that's water down the dam for me.  I've
been taught not to dwell in the past, but to act in the present,
and that's what I try to stick to.  John Algeo is our President
now.  I've always liked John.  I think he's a fine human being in
many ways.  I also like the signs I read & hear about ...  new
ventures being started in Wheaton.  I think John is creative, & I
think he's heading us in the right direction.  I'm hoping that
he'll give Bing some sort of recognition.  But as of the moment I
really think John makes a better President than Bing would have
made.  I've changed my mind about Bing as President.


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