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Re: Occult Reich and OCLC

Jan 23, 1995 01:38 AM
by Olcott Library

William Allen:

Smart move to check OCLC for the source of the video programs!
But why not go a step further and check how many libraries own
these videos and books? In doing this I found that the book (2
editions thereof) is owned by a large number of libraries, both
public and academic (as well as quite a few seminary libraries!),
in many states.  The video set is owned by the University of
Hawaii Library, Virginia Intermont College Library, Aurora Public
Library (Colorado), University of Delaware Library, Genesee
District Library (Michigan), College of St Mary Library
(Nebraska), Dickinson College Library (PA), and Lehigh University
Library (PA).  A few libraries own some of the individual parts.

Some of these libraries MAY make videos available on Interlibrary
Loan-- check with your local friendly librarian on this.

And, for anyone else who uses OCLC-- the Olcott Library is now a
member of OCLC and you will begin to see our holdings attached to
OCLC records, as we are creating our computerized databasefor our
future online catalog.

Elisabeth Trumpler
Head Librarian
Olcott Library & Research Center
Theosophical Society in America
Wheaton, IL 60189

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