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KEITH.... a TheaCulpa of sorts...

Jan 20, 1995 07:22 AM
by Nira2U

Sweet Child...

I'm not attacking you --merely your misunderstanding and the glib
means by which you perpetrate this stuff...  I can help you
overcome this pain if you want...  Are you seeking your natural
mother? It might help you realign since your abandonment complex
seems to be tangling your Soul up.  A good start might be
contacting the Mormon Temple in your area (if you have any
information as leads) --they have an extensive data base system
that can be scanned free of charge.  (I helped a pastlife client
find her Civil War soul...  so it can find all sorts of goodies
if you've got the patience to Search).

M'thinks your over-emotionalism is confusing my desire to TEACH
you to stop being so judgemental --causing you a major Karmic
block.  We are not enemies...  And for your own information dear
--if you would stop reading with such hostile eyes you might see
Truth instead of pain.

SOULS ARE NOT ABORTED --physical mass is...  Insofar as dealing
with Mass Karma converted to Dharma --this *is* my task right now
which is why I'm writing the book I'm writing; which is why I'm
soliciting opinions from others about things Spiritual and

The soul is not in place until the full termed child takes its
first breath --or until the bodily functions connect with the
spiritual ones (ask any Born Again card-carrier...)

I didn't see your explanatory post regarding your plight.  And I
don't mean to cause you anymore pain than you're obviously bound
in.  No --I'm not advocating that you should've been flushed.
Merely your anger and hatred.  And I'm glad you're taking steps
towards Soul Strengths...

Don't go off half-hearted --open your eyes to everyone else's
reality if you are going to place yourself in the posit of being
Advocate.  We all have laundry to do...  If you want to continue
this discussion --I'm here...

Earth Mother

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