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Re: splainin

Jan 20, 1995 06:21 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Dr. A.M.Bain:

> Theosophists have some splainin to concerning Krishnamurti, new
> World Teacher?
> OK - some theosophists got it wrong, were imperfect human beings,
> just like you or me or those who believed them.

But maybe in this case there was a genuine element behind it

> Oh - and as far as I can see, this is why things like the CWL
> research are important.  This is the man who made *the* big
> blunder re Krishnamurti.

OTOH, maybe identifying K. was one of the few right things he
did, although what he interpreted him as being was wrong?

  He also wrote a great deal of
> literature for which his research seems to be seriously flawed.
> We *know* he was a liar in some areas.  Maybe he got it right in
> others.  Just like you or me, probably, but more visible :).

What I'm getting at is the need for sustained reflection on the
meaning of Krishnamurti for Theosophists, which no one seems to
want to do.  Some because they reject everything associated
with Besant and Leadbeater, others because they reject thinking
about anything suggesting that they made mistakes.  I'm
particularly perplexed that although Radha was a disciple of
K., and the 1980 election had a pro- vs. anti- K. subtext, she
doesn't seem to have promoted any serious examination of the

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