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What goes around comes around - what goes up ..

Jan 18, 1995 02:59 PM
by Keith Price

I have learned a lot about myself and others on the network these
last few weeks.  I'm not sure abortion was really this issue.

I want to give credit where credit is due - I have been restating
in a ranting impulsive style what JRC stated much better in his
post on 1-12: Re: Theosophy 1995.  It bears rereading if you have
it.  I don't mean that everything I said he would agree with, but
I got a lot of my ideas from that post particullary in regard to
the idea that theosophy should not take a side on the abortion
issue, but be open to both sides and rise to something better.

Also he alludes to spiritualizing the whole sex-conception-birth
and even abortion if necessary as a concious spiritual process.
This is what I meant by being pro-spirit.

I think I was working out a lot of unresolved anger that had
nothing to do with abortion and that is perhaps why my style was
so "neurotic".  It is also why Theodora and I found each other.
We are so alike (I know this is killing her!) Tripping over our
own anger and doing a shadow seduction dance like demon lovers.
(She's livid by now)

I think I have a lot of unresolved anger around reading the
books, but not living the life or trying to live the life, sort
of, and expecting other than spiritual rewards.  In some
incarnation I must learn patience.


JRC's suggestion inspired in me, which may be the last thing he
was thinking about, the notion of "islands of competence" better
known as ideal communities (what is the word?).  I am thinking
about some of the early attempts like the first Krotona, the
early Point Loma, and perhaps Adyar.  Spiritual communities where
one could be with like minded souls and support each other.
These communities failed or were greatly transformed although
they all seemingly had a heyday.  One can see why cults like the
Solar Temple and the Branch Davidians had such an appeal.  I know
the answer lies within.  That the kingdom of God is within.  That
one cannot escape this world or its Karma.  But after all these
flames and storms over abortion and other issues in my life,
Shangri-La, Shambhalla, Mount Meru, Eldorado, or even the
supposed coming Austro-American subcontinent seem like all that
the travel posters of Hawaii promise.  Maybe that's why those
places can't really exist.  The dream and beginning is so
beautiful and then what goes up, must come down.  Instead of
escaping the world.  They become like the world or worse, because
all our humanity is still there.  Maybe that's what happened to
me on this network.  I wanted to be some kind of inspiration, but
I was taught to chop wood and carry water.

Namaste - my sign off
I'm Keith Price

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