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Re: Pro-Spirit

Jan 16, 1995 05:53 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Having become utterly tired of the "either-or" debate in the
seemingly endless abortion discussion ["debate" would be too
elevated a term for much of it] it is refreshing to read Keith's
posting arguing for Pro-Spirit.

When, during many years of theosophical and related studies I
have found myself leading groups (from about 1958 on) it has
become ever-increasingly important to begin by defining our terms
and what we mean when say something.

For example: "There is no Religion higher than Truth"

OK, so as Pilate said, "What is Truth?" Can there be my truth and
your truth? I think not.  If, as someone pursuing the second and
third objects of the Theosophical Society (remember those?) I am
the first person in the world to discover what a circle is, then
what do I draw? I draw *exactly* the same as anyone else who has
discovered what a circle is.  Not an ellipse, not a square, but a
circle.  There is only one way of doing it.  That is the only
truth available.

Truth, therefore, IMHO, is something to be discovered *for
oneself, by oneself.* No one else can do my work for me.  What
"truth" can I know about abortion? I have never even been
pregnant, and am in no position to make a judgement.

And "Religion" has to be defined as well.  Most etymologists
favour the origin of the word as having to to with bonding, with
people being joined together in a common bond - a common bond,
not a mutually convenient interest.

And if I say I am "pro-Life," then what do I mean by Life? Do I
have Life, or am I Life? Both seem to be true, but at the highest
level I seem to *be* life.  That level I personally express as
Spirit, and from Keith's remarks, I suspect he does too.  In "The
Key to Theosophy" HPB said that the TS was founded to let the
world know that such a thing as theosophy existed.

In her various writings she also makes it clear, as any
theological student may discover, that theosophy as such existed
long before the society which bears its name was even thought of,
and Madame herself was still a distant gleam in the eye of a
Russian yet to be born in a nation yet to be defined.

"Theos" - God, and "Sophia" - Wisdom: God-wisdom.  O dear, two
more terms to be defined.

I think I will leave it there for now.  If anyone wants me to say
more, I am sure I will hear about it.  If not, I am sure I will
hear about that as well :-).

To sum, up, yes Keith, let us be pro-Spirit, but let us be clear
what we mean *before* we rush to the keyboard if we can.

Nothing to do with the above, but are there any Kabbalist
students on the list? And I *don't* mean "magicians."

Alan Bain, D.D.
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