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Re: Holy War and Authority.

Jan 16, 1995 02:13 PM
by John Mead

> [excerpt from Paul Johnson]
> But what happened with "following" HPB in my case is that after
> a certain point, to borrow Stephan Hoeller's phrase, I got less
> interested in going "back to Blavatsky" and more into going
> "back through Blavatsky to her sources."  From being a source
> of answers, she became to me more a source of questions.  And
> those questions led to more questions, in pursuing which I
> ended up with my own answers which didn't cohere very well with
> any traditional authority's.
> Hope this is responsive to your request.

my personal experience agrees with Paul Johnson's (above).  Dr
Hoeller's book on "Freedom - Alchemy for a Voluntary Society" is
certainly a good for one to read regarding personal freedoms.  It
also contains enough variety of ideas to upset nearly anyone on
at least some topic.  The sign of a good work :-)

I also wanted to thank Paul J.  for pointing out the reality
concerning the statistical facts regarding natural-occurring
abortions.  I had not looked at these before, and I thank you for
researching that.

peace -

john mead

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