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Jan 15, 1995 09:37 PM
by Nira2U


I dislike making my entrance to this skein with anger as
motivation but with regard to the "BIG BIG LIE' post --to make
one major clarification to Keith's comments: any man, woman or
four footted being that truly *believes* women have abortions
because they don't "...want men controlling their bodies..." is
so far out of reality's alignment...

Here's a suggestion to those of you who have your heads caught in
your panties --instead of venting your misaligned hostilities on
women who are trying to resolve/head off crises in their lives
--open up your wallets instead of your zippers and dole out the
monies: (1) it takes to have hospital care to bring these souls
into manifestation

(2) raise these little cherubs into full fruition'd adulthood
--which means all the necessities of life to insure quality for
both mother and child since you seem to think we all have this
brood mare obligation to people the earth...

(3) make certain those menfolk who fathered these kiddos STICK
AROUND and help with the responsibilities of raising them...

Newt Ginrich's attititude of kinder, gentler orphanages typifies
this cotton candy mentality pro-lifers seem to think is the
solution to realigning society

George W.  Bush Jr.  thinking boot camps will keep kids from
gang-banging --murdering their 'friends' over who has the best
tennis shoes is LUDICROUS

Dan Quayle's attitude that single mothers are creating Cardinal
sins by attempting to maintain a family without benefit of a male
element is yet another indication of PeterPan mentality...

And that godforsaken bucket of urinous protein with a collar in
New York who hides behind his Catholic bretheren's beliefs who
made the comments to the media last week justifying the sniper
who killed those innocent people at the clinic --contending they
*deserved* to die is just one more coffin nail in society's

Yeah --Helena was anti abortion...  But she was also out of step
with a few other things in her time as well.  So I guess you
could say I'm more of a Besant-advocate...

Or you could look a bit closer into my soul --and see my pastlife
a bit more clearly...  Gentlemen --I thought I resolved this
issue 14 centuries ago...

This being the waning minutes of the Feast of Circumcision for
the Orthodox Church --here's an unOrthodox suggestion...

Let's take up a collection & send Lorena a set of Ginsu knives...

Namaste indeed...
Happy New Year!!!



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