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Some BIG BIG lies

Jan 14, 1995 05:39 PM
by Keith Price

I spoke to soon perhaps when I said we were working toward some
positive helpful perspective based on theosophy that might offer
some hope we might share with the world in a humble way on the
problem of abortion.

People seem to delight in jumping on some simple thing and
scoring points like in a junior high debating class rather than
coming together in a universal brotherhood.  THIS IS WHY PEOPLE
LEAVE THE SOCIETY.  They get tired of pompous petty discussions
that impress nobody but the speakers.  This isn't a logic class,
but a life and death issue.  As suggested we should rise to the
highest intuitional level to bring some peace if possible.

Let me simplify the issue and give the theosophical wolves a
chance to jump:

I) The doctrine of ahimsa.  THOU SHALL NOT KILL!.  What part of
that do you not understand?

Harmlessness and helpfullness is the core of any worthwhile
spirituality.  Abortion is genocide (killing) and just because we
are used to it the way the Nazi's were used to seeing the Jews
going to "work camps" to be gassed is pretty sickening.  In some
sense we are collaborators.

There is also something disgusting about someone who wouldn't
dare eat meat or wear a mink coat, but is willing to toss their
own flesh and blood in the garbage to be eaten by bacteria.

2) Abortion is a choice.  Yes, but if I were to come over and
kill you and your family would you just right it up to choice? I
really don't think so.  BIG LIE!

3) Women have abortions because they don't want men to control
their bodies.  I didn't state my position carefully before when I
said it was selfishness the on part of the women.  There is
something more going on.  Most women have abortions to please men
in some way.  Their boyfriend wants them to have it.  There
families want them to have it.  The econmic system which does not
support the women through pregnancy much (i.e.  time off, job
promotions are on the line and so on).  I know of a case of a
fundamentalist preacher who ranted day and night against abortion
who made his daughter have an abortion becaue it would be too
embarrassing to HIM.  Off the subjet, but on the same idea, think
about the women who killed her two children because she was
afraid her boyfriend would leave her.

I think most women given a choice would opt to not killing a
baby, but men perhaps are the selfish ones that push them into
it! Thus by having an abortion they are allowing men to control
their bodies.  What a laugh on the feminist cant (a disgusting
one though).

3) Abortion is the best means of population control.  It's
probably the worst.  I can support euthanasia to put people out
of pain far quicker than depriving a spiritual being its chance
to live and grow.

I don't mean to be combative, theosophists are generally
intelligent, creative, compassionate.  We were doing better, we
can do better if we meditate on an answer.  If the masters exist,
perhaps they will speak out in some way on this issue in our
collective meditation.

Please, please in your meditation try to come up with something
positive.  It has already been stated that HPB was against
abortion so in some way the masters have spoken, now we must

Again their is no religion or current politically correct idea
higher than truth - and that is no lie.


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