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Jan 14, 1995 02:36 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

John Tullis,

JT> 1) What documented evidence do you have regarding CWL's
> sexual actions with underage boys (author, title, publishing
> date).
> 2) What is the basis for the documented claims (sources cited
> in the documentation that you have).
> I think this should be addressed, because this topic area about
> CWL seems to me to be a big part of the contriversy (sp?)
> surrounding him.
> I will send this to Theos-roots, and we will see if people can
> discuss this issue there.
>  -John Tullis-

I find it interesting that you are the only person who has
requested evidence regarding the statements I made concerning
CWL.  Others have either offered silence; unsupported protests in
affirmation of his innocence; or demands that I be silent on the
subject.  When I first heard about the scandal, I also protested
and demanded evidence.  None was given, therefore I refused to
accept the statements.  It was many years later that I finally
did see the evidence, and was floored by it.  The reason why
evidence is hard to come by, is because it is locked away in
archives and members (or researchers) are not normally allowed to
see it.  As for outside historians, the sole exception was Dr.
Gregory Tillett who is the author of ~The Elder Brother.~ He
gives comprehensive coverage of the scandals based upon source

But this was not your question.  You ask what evidence *I* have,
and the sources cited in the documentation.  For whatever it is
worth *some* of the most relevant documents *I* have personally
seen are listed below:

1. Author: [transcript]
   Title: "Meeting called by Colonel Olcott [President-Founder
      T.S.] to discuss certain charges against Mr. C.W.
      Leadbeater, held at the Grosvenor Hotel, Buckingham Palace
      Road, S.W., on Wednesday, May 16, 1906, at 5 p.m."
   Publisher: [unpublished. Original in Adyar Archives, but
      copies exist]
   Sources cited in documentation: Is a source document in
      itself, because it is a transcript of the meeting.  CWL's
      testimony was given in the presence of thirteen witnesses
      and a stenographer.
   Significance: Has the actual charges made against C.W.L., his
      admission to them, and his admission to further, more
      serious charges.

2. Author: C.W. Leadbeater
   Title: [Cipher Letter]
   Publisher: [unpublished. Original (last I heard) was in
      possession of the Mahatma Letters Trust, but heard a rumor
      that it was destroyed a few years ago.
   Source of documentation: Source document.
   Significance: Letter written in code to one of the Children.
      The child revealed the code to his mother.

3. Author: Helen Dennis
   Title: [Letter from Helen Dennis to Annie Besant, May 1906]
   Publisher: unpublished document.
   Sources cited in documentation: Is a source document itself.
   Significance: Establishes that the mother did not give
      permission, and gives further confirmation that CWL had
      bound Mrs. Dennis' child to secrecy.

4. Author: C.W. Leadbeater
   Title: [Letter from C.W. Leadbeater to Annie Besant, Simla,
      June 9, 1906.
   Publisher: unpublished document
   Sources cited in documentation: Source document.
   Significance: Shows that CWL, gave Annie Besant, who was not
      present at the hearing, a very different story.

5. Author: Helen Dennis
   Title: [Letter to Annie Besant from Helen Dennis, Jan 25,
   Publisher: unpublished document
   Sources cited in documentation: Source Document
   Significance: Helen Dennis' learning of the independent
      admission of the Knothe child to his parents.

6. Author: H.S. Olcott
   Title: "A Brief Statement of the Case of Mr. Leadbeater."
   Publisher: unpublished document, dated 18 Sept. 1906.
   Sources cited in documentation: Source document.
   Significance: Olcott expresses his shock, and gives the
      circumstances that brought about the hearing.

7. Author: C.W. Leadbeater
   Title: [Letter to Alexander Fullerton from C.W. Leadbeater,
      Feb. 7, 1906.]
   Publisher: unpublished document
   Sources cited in documentation: Source document
   Significance: C.W.L.'s response to learning that he is to
      answer to the charges.

8. Author: Annie Besant
   Title: [Letter to Helen Dennis from Annie Besant, Feb. 6,
   Publisher: unpublished document
   Sources cited in documentation: Source document
   Significance: Annie Besant states that she knows C.W.L.
      "better than you can do", therefore C.W.L. is innocent.

9. Author: [document]
   Title: "Precis of the Leadbeater Police Inquiry as furnished
      to the Sydney Lodge Executive Committee, by its
      representative after inspection of the Report presented to
      the Minister for Justice, N.S.W., as sworn to on oath March
      2nd, 1923."
   Publisher: unpublished document
   Sources cited in documentation: Source Document
   Significance: Gives Mrs. Martin's testimony concerning her
      observations of C.W.L. with Oscar Kollestrom. Details of the
      Police investigation of the Manor.

I also have seen many other supporting documents, but these are
the most revealing of the major facts.  I had seen these
documents well before the publication of Tillett's ~The Elder
Brother~, therefore I can affirm that the documentation presented
in this book is accurate.  Since these documents have all been
suppressed by the Adyar Society, ~The Elder Brother~ is the only
published book where these documents are discussed, and in some
cases, quoted.  I suggest that you first read ~The Elder
Brother~, then we can discuss the specifics.  If you can't find a
copy, I have them for $12.00 each, including postage.

Dr. Bain,

Thanks for your post.  I look forward to learning what Mr.
Gilbert may have to say.  The Theosophical History Journal indeed
continues, and is being published through the California State
University Fullerton.

Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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