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Jan 11, 1995 02:30 PM
by Dara Eklund

Dear Keith,

A more complete extract from the HPB quote reads:

"...there is no more of spirit and soul, for the matter of that,
in a foetus or even in a child before it arrives at
self-consciousness, than there is in any other small animal, --
for *we deny the absence of soul* in either mineral, plant or
beast, and believe but in the difference of degree.  But
foeticide is a crime against nature." [my * for emphasis]

This makes it clear that Theosophy does not deny the soul or
spirit of man.  However, the "But" in the last sentence suggests
that HPB is trying to say that Theosophy, unlike Christianity,
values the foetus for its intrinsic value, as well as for its
role in an individual's evolution.  Religion, on the other hand,
values nature, man or foetus mainly because "God" created them.
Human life is sacred because God is sacred, and we are created,
say the Xtians, by God.  Theosophy looks at it a bit differently.


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