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theosophy 1995

Jan 09, 1995 09:26 PM
by Keith Price

Happy new year to all.

Mega- hard working dittos for a thankless job to John Mead
Mega-presidential dittos  to John Algeo
Mega- astrological dittos to William Greer
Mega- library of congrress number system ditttos to Elizabeth

I was going to bring up the CWL controversy, but thank God that's
died down.

These musty historical antiquanted debates are of some interest,
but I know of no other time in history when we should bring
theosophical principles to today's problems.  I an thinking of
the three objects, the "Golden Stairs", "At the feet of the
Master", "The Secret Doctrine" (of course), the "One Life".  How
can we use these to enter the dialogue of our very troubled
nation and world?.

Specifically, I would like to know what people on this forum
think about the issue of abortion.

If the Monad is eternal, and seeks to reincarnate to learn lesson
and rise through the races and globes, how can we justify

It seems that most abortions are perfrmed not to reduce
population, improve the quality of those already in incarnation
or provide a right for a women to do with her body as she

Most abortions are obviously selfish, selfish, selfish.  The
career woman can't take time to have a baby now.  For poor women
its an easy way to escape the KARMA of sexual activity.  It is my
belief that if the laws of KARMA are real.  Those that choose
abortion in this incarnation will they themselves be aborted in
their next attempt at incarnation.

I am not a neanderthal.  Of course there are circumstances such
as rape, incest, and danger to the mother's life that justify

The whole debate will not go away.  Look at the recent shootings
by Salvi an the two abortion clinics.

The Monad has spent many years rising throught the subplanes to
devachan and each child is a world teacher.  How can we crucify
these holy beings even if they look like a blob of cells?

We know that the physical body is only a vehicle for the
incarnating Monad.  What does the theosophical literature say
about this very important subject and how can we bring the
theosophical perspective to the public conciousness.  Namaste

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